Working on the land has its fair share of rewards and challenges.

For any farmer, their end goal is to increase the productivity and the quality of produce, but all these depends on the farming tools and equipment at their disposal. In order to overcome challenges while tilting the land, farmers must make the right choices regarding the kind of machinery they use. The right tools are the ones that prove to be efficient, reliable, and above all, safe and easy to use.

If you are looking to invest in such equipment, then you should consider the new square bale spike, also known as Tuskan.

What is Tuskan?

Tuskan is a one-of-a-kind revolutionary hay bale fork that offers a safer, easier, and faster way of handling feeds in the farm. Unlike ordinary bay bale forks, Tuskan is made of four spikes aligned in a  2×2 formation to have better stability and a firm grip on both square and round hay bales.

What makes Tuskan different from other feed handling devices?

Usually, farmers use a bale fork fitted on a forklift to move a bale of hay over the feed mixer, get out of the cab, then climb up the ladder to manually cut the strings or wrapper used to keep the hay together. Not only is this process cumbersome and wasteful, but it is also very dangerous as the farmer is forced to lean over the high speed grinding rotors to detach the hay from the fork. Check out

The new Tuskan square bale spike makes moving hay a whole lot easier and safer. The twin spikes feature, a horizontally-arranged and parallel to each other, function more like arms than the normal bale forks. It provides a firm grip to let you clap, lift, and turn the bale on its side so you can easily cut the strings at a distance from the mixer. Its hydraulics also help you list water weight into the mixer, re-clamp, and drop the hay without getting out of the cab.

Benefits of using Tuskan to increase productivity

Tuskan is one of the most important tools in your farm arsenal, making your work easier and faster. While using this bale spike, you get to enjoy benefits such as:

·         Cleaner produce – Most farmers who use buckets in picking up bales have to do it on a concrete floor. Otherwise, too much dust gets into the mix. The Tuskan hay bale spike provides a cleaner process as it spikes through the hay, picks it up, and drops it into the mixer without any dirt contaminations.

·         Simple and safe use – By using Tuskan, you eliminate the process of leaning over the mixer to detach the bale.

·         Versatile unit – Tuskan is brilliantly made to handle all types of bale (e.g. half bales, big square bales, round bales, or whichever bale you have). Moreover, it handles a lot of tasks and saves time as you can easily move the bale to the storage, load it into the mixer and feeders, as well as load on trucks for transportation.

You simply cannot afford to miss out on this exciting new device that offers a better way of getting your farm work done. Make an order by visiting the official Tuskan square bale spike website today.