Qualities of a Reliable Furniture Removal Company in Brisbane

Naturally, we all have to move houses at one point or another in our lives. Moving, however, is not something that anyone would look forward to. Whether you are moving next door, across the street, to another state or even to another country, moving can be incredibly challenging. But moving doesn’t have to be as bad as it sounds. There are several ways of escaping the stressful episode of moving. First, you need to plan in advance. If you are not on a tight deadline to vacate the premise, start packing months ahead of the moving day. Next is to find a moving company. There are many companies dealing with furniture removals Brisbane has today that could help make your move a little bit easier.

Partnering with a furniture removal company can help to keep the moving stress at bay. They will help you with packing, lifting, loading, transporting and even unpacking. Life gets really easy with a moving company on your side. However, you need to think twice about the furniture removal company you are hiring. You don’t want to hand over your prized possessions to any stranger. There are many companies professing to be professional furniture removals Brisbane offers, but not all of them are qualified. Do not trust someone on face value. You should do some due diligence before you get into a contract with a moving company. Here are a few tips to help you choose the very best furniture removals in Brisbane.


If you are moving to a different state, your moving company needs to have a license number. This unique license number is issued to moving companies by the department of transportation. Request to see the license number and the licensing agency. Check that the license number is valid. Some reputable Brisbane furniture removals companies display the license number on their website.


Accidents are inevitable while moving. It is, therefore, crucial that your furniture removal company be insured. The insurance will protect against loss and breakage of your belongings while in transit. Make sure you ask for the company’s insurance and check that it is up-to-date.

Online Reviews and Testimonials

The best way to rate your potential furniture removal company is by looking at the experiences of past clients. Make sure you check the mover’s rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Other platforms to check out are TrustLink, Citysearch, and Yelp. A reputable and reliable moving company will also have a section on testimonials on their website. Go through the testimonials so as to have a clue of what to expect.

The Quote

A reputable company will offer an upfront estimate of the price. Ask for a quote and study it well. What does it include? Are there extras? Some companies include packing fee, but it may be stroked out if you don’t need it. Charges can vary based on the days of the week or the season. Can they offer you better rates if you move on a Monday as opposed to a Sunday? At the end of the day, make sure you get value for your money.

Indeed, there are many furniture removals Brisbane offers on your table. The best bet will be the one which is properly licensed, insured, offers a value for your money and has a good track record. When selecting a company for furniture removals in Brisbane, make a wise decision for a stress-free moving experience.  http://www.furnitureremovals.com.au/